Improperly secured support forum

This support forum will take private information and post it into a public-facing forum. Both my personal emails were posted for the entire world to see without my permission.

1st intrusion: I requested help and the support person (Lena) put my email address into a public facing forum.
2nd intrusion: I replied via email, providing my even more private email address, it was auto-blogged to your public-facing support forum.

Consider this message a cease and desist notice. My email addresses ryan@*****.com must be removed and your support forum needs to change it’s policy and functionality.

Please be noted that your email address is not posted to any public topics. Unlisted topics are not searchable. You can check this by opening any private mode Web browser (as an anonymous user) and search your email address on our site.

Your topics page cannot be accessed by other people if you do not share the auto-generated URL.

If you do not want this kind of access policy we can use private messages.

Well they’re not secured in any way. Completely accessible. But ok, please send me a support email. Thanks.