I can't install 3.5.434

NetDrive version: 3.5.434
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10 Pro x64 version 1803 (OS version 17134.165)

I previously had version 3.6.498 (beta) installed. When starting windows, the units were not loaded, and when I started NetDrive, a static image remained in the center of the desktop (attached image

Now, I have uninstalled that beta version and tried to install versions 3.4.398 and 3.5.434. When I try to install it, a window jumps, it closes, and it does nothing else. I can not install a functional version. Please help me.

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Hello cabaseira.

Sorry for late.
I missed this topic.

I’m afraid some service program of NetDrive is not running.
Could you check your service list whether nd3svc.exe and ndagent.exe are running or not?

To check it, execute “services.msc” in run prompt.
Then check state and start type of NetDrive3 Agent and NetDrive3 Service.
The start type of them must be “Auto” and state of them must be “running”

Some anti-virus program and anti-malware program may change this options.