I cannot install again after i uninstall netdrive 3

hi, i cannot install again after i uninstall netdrive 3.

i have read and try all materials, install and reboot 30 times, it show end install prematurely,

i cannot find out the reason, so need help, i can install at the first time, however cannot install again after it.


NetDrive3_Install.log (61.6 KB)
NetDrive3_Setup.log (292.9 KB)

If you want to use msi file for installation please use following command:

msiexec /i NetDrive3-version.msi REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vamus

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thx admin, i have solved the problem.

your netdrive is so awesome, and better and better now…

i wanna to ask, if i buy life span purchase, when netdrive 3 upgrade to netdrive 4 and 5 later, will i buy it again, is it life time purchase only for netdrive 3, will not include later version of netdrive 4 and 5?

your team is hard working, and more feature have added, smooth usable than other brand name tools, keep it up, thx for all.

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Good to hear that you solved the problem.

With lifetime license current version of the program will be available to you for an unlimited amount of time. For this version of the program, you will be provided with free minor updates. However, major upgrades (NetDrive versions 4 or 5 etc.) have to be purchased separately (possibly with discount when you have lifetime license for previous version).

There are no plans for the next version as of yet.

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hi admin, i also face some problems on account id.

if i have win10 pc and laptop, and also having imac and macbook air, can i use the same account id for all?

since i wanna to have same drive setting on one account id for all, no need to set four times for four devices.

then i buy one account for win, one account for mac, to four device.

or i can use one lifetime account id, to four device, which have same setting enough.
or i need to buy four licenses for four device, if i have android tablet and phone, and ipad, mac studio, do i need to buy licenses for every device?

thank to looking for your reply,

one more problem, when i copy folder from imac to onedrive by netdrive tools, it will consume my imac drive as well, but i have set onedrive as network drive, it does not occur at win10, what is happen?

If you do not use those devices simultaneously, you just need 1 license for all your devices.

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To upload files to remote storages your files will be copied to a cache location and it consumes your local drive storages. After finishing upload your file will be removed from cached after predefined cache time.

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