How to use more bandwith

Hello again,

We are using Netdrive, but we can not use more than 10 Mbits when we copy information to the bucket in the cloud: 0 in bandwith parameter is configured.

The question is, What can we do to use more bandwith? This is important for us, with this performance we can not use netdrive.

Thanks in advanced.

Dear javier-robles,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Setting Bandwidth to 0 means unlimited speed.
Please let me know what storage type you use and I can test it.



We are using a wasabi bucket in western europe. We set 0 to bandwidth, but the performance is low: where can I review this, I do not find the parameter with the disk connected.


Dear javier-robles,

You use wasabi. I will check it with Wasabi and give you feedback.


Dear javier-robles,

I tested it by connecting to Wasabi with S3 Compatible. The upload speed was about 3.77MB. Converted to Mbits, it is 30.16 Mbits. When uploading multiple files, you can see that each file can be up to 3MB.
I think there may be another cause for the low bandwidth. Check the network status.


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