How to turn off caching?

Since upgrading to NetDrive3, from NetDrive2, I experience a lot of problems:

  • Internet connection is sometimes extremely slow. Exiting Netdrive solves this problem.
  • Internet connection is sometimes unavailable. Exiting Netdrive allows me to do recover the wireless connection
  • interfaces hang when connecting to my NetDrive-folders

The only problem is: I need NetDrive ALL the time.
I work daily at customers and I have access to all my files through webdav with NetDrive. My computer does not have any local files, because everything is located at my office.
Worked splendid with NetDrive2, but is a p.i.t.a with NetDrive3.

I assume that the biggest difference between v2 and v3, concerning WebDAV, is the whole caching-thing.
As an example: When I open a file from a web-development project, my development-environment tells me the file changed outside the environment, allthough it hasn’t! When I turn off NetDrive, this behaviour is gone!

So my question is: How do I turn off the caching thing?

Did you try to change background uploading option? When use background uploading option, this may cause file changed outside situation.


  • NetDrive never caching everything. Only caching for used or to save file.
  • If you are using anti-virus software, that may cause huge traffic for scan file/folders. Please check this also.

Thanks for using NetDrive.

So your advice is to turn it on or turn it off?

Please try turn it off.

I tried turning it off for all my connections, but it’s no solution.
I still have connection-problems after a while, or my wifi-connection just dies and I have to reboot.

I tested a little further, and I have to admit that I don’t have problems with my NetDrive3 installation on another notebook.
I also use the webdav-connections on that machine, but not that often.
To have an idea of the usage and the difference between both machines:

  • Notebook 1: The one with the problems: Apple Macbook, bootcamp dual boot Windows 10.
    5 webdav connections to an online server. Machine has a very slow connection to the webdav-drives and after a while everything gets stucked and the wifi-connection fails. The only solution is a reboot.
    When I boot this machine and immediately turn off NetDrive3, I can use the machine fast and without problems.
    I use this machine for PHP- and Microsoft-development on that server. This mean that all files are taken from the webdav connection and change a lot during development.
  • Notebook 2: HP ENVY dv6, Windows 10.
    5 same webdav connections to an online server.
    I use this machine for gathering timesheets in Excel files, so the files change a couple of times during the day.
    I haven’t got any issues with NetDrive3 on this machine and my wifi is turned on all the time (allthough I mostly use this machine connected wired to the internet, but disconnect a few times a day when going to a meeting (wifi takes over))

Does the loads of data might be an issue with NetDrive3?