How to map a windows share directory with Netdrive


is it possible to add a drive with Netdrive which is a windows share directory ?
I don’t find Windows share in the Storage type list

thanks in advance


Thank you for using NetDrive.

If you mount a drive as a local drive, you can share it.



Thanks for the reply
But to clarify my objective:

  • We have a windows network share : \\server1\toto
  • I want add on server2 a local drive mapped on \\server1\toto using Netdrive

but I can not find which storage type I have to use to do that



I understood your needs.

Unfortunately, NetDrive doesn’t support to mount Windows share folder.

But The windows shared folder can be mapped by a drive with a windows default feature.

If you want to mount it with NetDrive, a webdav server or ftp server must be installed in your windows server1.


OK thanks for the clarification

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