How to have 2 sessions with different parameters

NetDrive version: latest 3.6.571
Windows/Mac Version: WIndows 10 1803

How to open 2 windows sessions but lauch 2 netdrive with different login parameters ?

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If you purchase Team Plan, you can use multiple user in one pc.


I bought TEAM PLAN but i have no idea how to configure as multiple user.

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What did you mean “2 windows sessions”?

On one windows session logged in one windows account, just one NetDrive UI can be executed.

If 2 windows accounts logged in on one pc, you can log in bdrive account by NetDrive on each windows account.


2 sessions accounts logged in one pc. looking to log bdrive account on each session with different user and password to NAS access


if you log in to NetDrive via individual Bdrive account on each windows session, you can add a drive item for each individual Bdrive account.