How to export drives config for Netdrive3

Hi so in PC A, i have several drives (about 20 drives) that saved in device (since i am a bit worries if its uploaded into server), is there anyway to move it into PC B?? i try to copy drives.dat , but seems no effect

And is it possible to add more than 24 drives in windows ?? maybe can mount into folder, like in linux ??

Thats all, thank you


If you saved your items in an accounts location, you don’t need to export and import.

It’s impossible to mount more than 24 drives in windows. It’s a os restriction.

Unfortunately, NetDrive doesn’t support mount to a folder now.


is there anyways to exports drives config, without need to use accounts as location ?? because

  1. i dont want my config uploaded into server
  2. i dont want unused drive to showed up, total i have about 100+ drives, if i only use 20 drives in one VPS, it would be messy if the other 80+ drives also showed up

Dear ballom-master,

Unfortunately, NetDrive currently does not support exporting drive item config. However, if you don’t want your drive item config to save on the server, there is a way to save them locally.


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