How to edit and save files on the server directly from your PC

Sometimes files from server side needs to be edited and saved from current PC when developing on front-end or back-end.

In this case, use NetDrive3 to connect to the server using sftp.
Then open the python file and edit & save the file.

NetDrive3 makes it very convenient to directly edit & save files on remote servers.
There is no need to go through the hassle of storing the files on local PC and then transferring to the server.

  1. Open NetDrive software and press the “+ button” at the bottom right side to add a drive item.
    Select SFTP from the the Storage Type list and then press the CONNECT button.

  2. Enter server URL and user/password.
    If you want to use private key file, press the BROWSE button and select the file. Currently, only openssl format is supported (putty format not supported).

  3. You can set the mount point to the system root of the server or to user home folder by pressing the OPTION button. You can also set file permissions.

  4. You can also set an option to treat files that starts with a dot as hidden.