How does Netdrive handles cache?

I notice there is an option to set the cache size for the NetDrive, but no other information how it works.

so is it possible to do this, I’ll set a specific cache size (say 100G), and NetDrive will keep the last used 100G of files on my hard drive. like if I move a video (say 50G) to the Netdrive folder, Netdrive will upload it to google drive in background as it does now, but after upload is completed, Netdrive will NOT delete it from my local hard drive so that I still have fast access to my most recent files. it only gets deleted when there is too much stuff in the cache (i.e., approaching the pre-set 100G limit).

this helps to save bandwidth and provide faster access.

I’m not sure if this is how NetDrive works already because I can’t find much information online, if so, great. if not, please consider this for future updates.

NetDrive removes caches after some time when the file is not used by any process.

Please refer to the following topic.

I just did some test for read operation, I copied 1 video to my desktop, immediately repeated the paste and there is no network operation.
However if I wait for like 1 minute and then redo the paste, it needs to be downloaded from internet again.
I feel like this time is way toooooo short, I have 50gb of cache selected so i don’t think it needs to be cleared that aggressively. Maybe give us an option for how long we would like the files to be retained in cache? I would like to at least have an option of a matter of hours, not just 1 minute. Also it would be great to allow larger cache size, or just user defined value.

QNAP has a feature called hybridmount which pretty much does the same thing. Maybe you can take a look at that?

I sent you a private message about the cache control.

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