How do I update the license on my PC?

I installed the trial version of NetDrive 3 on my home PC. I let the trial expire. I decided that I needed to continue using NetDrive so I bough the lifetime license for my home PC from my PC at work. Sadly, it looks like the updated license hasn’t made it to my home PC. How do I get it to work on my home PC?
FWIW, I never downloaded NetDrive on my work PC so it’s not being used there.


go to:
login to your account.

Then click manage under Netdrive 3.

You will need to login to your account through netdrive 3 as well on your Home-PC so it can be picked up on your accounts page. When you login to your accounts page you should see both your work pc and home pc, deactivate the work pc and activate the home pc.

That was the thing, I couldn’t log in OR logout on my home PC. The work PC never had it installed - I just logged in to the website there and paid. It showed up in my account but I couldn’t get the app on the PC to work. Until now.

What I did was I deactivated the home PC in the website. Then I uninstalled NetDrive3 completely. Then I rebooted the PC. And then I reinstalled NetDrive3 and on the install it asked me to log in. Yea! It’s working now.


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