How do I know my custom Google API is being used?

I just added 2 of my own google APIs on the bdrive website, and rebooted my windows machine.
but my Plex is still scanning google drive very slowly.
how do I know my own API is being used instead of the shared one? do I need to delete and re-add the drive in Netdrive?

Dear garyli,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Plex makes a huge number of requests to the mounted drive. So it can be slow to scan.

To check if you are using your own API, when you select google protocol on the add drive page and press the connect button, you will see the Authentication Page shown below. You can find out if you use a custom API on this page.
If you use a custom API, the Title (red box) will be displayed as the custom API Title you created.


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