How can you use NetDrive 3 to synchronize two devices with different WebDav permissions (Synology drive)

I apologize for my English (I use Google translator). I have a Synology NAS. I have configured NetDrive to access it using WebDav. I have created a Netdrive account with two devices. I want each device to access with its unique NAS account, so that it can manage the files it has access to. The problem I have encountered is that Netdrive gives access to both devices, but only to the files of a user account of the NAS, does not give me the option of each accessing their specific files. Could you help me? NetDrive may only serve the two devices accessing a single user account on the NAS. I do not know. Thank you.

I just asked the same question. I have the same issue, but with 10 PC’s. I think I am going to need 3 netdrive accounts, one with 2 devices, one with 5 devices, and one with 3 devices. It would be nice to be able to manage those from one netdrive account.

Synology user here as well, with the same question. Different devices may need different NAS credentials and preferably even different remote path’s. Buying multiple separate licenses is a work-around for this problem, but managing then becomes a big hassle.