Help - recover files that were not fully synced

Is there a way to recover files that Netdrive was syncing but never finished / was not able to complete.

I have a user who was working all day yesterday on a series of files that now don’t appear on our server. The user is remote, using Netdrive WebDAV connecting to our NAS server here in the office. Everyone is on W10 machines. User’s work included various types of file writing (copy-paste in file explorer, saving from within the application). Throughout the day, these files were accessible to the user through file explorer and File > Open in applications. At the end of the day, user shutdown their machine. Today, the files are missing.

I’m trawling through our hourly backups of the server (NAS RAID settup using Synology software). Throughout all of our backups yesterday and today, I am seeing no evidence of the files the user worked on, which means they were never sync’d from Netdrive to the server, for whatever reason.

My hope is that Netdrive caches them somewhere on the local machine while it is trying to sync them, and then they can be recovered, perhaps from a folder buried in the user’s C drive? Does anyone know of where that might be or any other way to recover files that never sync’d?



Thank you for using NetDrive.

As you know, NetDrive uses cache for performance.

The cache path is like below : C:\ProgramData\NetDrive3_cache_\user_name\drive_name.

But the filename of the cache is encrypted and the cache is deleted when the mounted drive is unmounted.

I am afraid that there is no way to recover them.


Hmmm, that is what I was afraid of. Thank you for your reply and for confirming!

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