Help needed for a novice to connect NetDrive3 to NAS via WebDAV

Hi everyone,

Firstly, full disclosure, I am a novice in this world so please bear with me!!

I am having major issues in trying to connect my Synology NAS DS218J to NetDrive3 by utilising WebDAV. My NAS is in my office and I am trying to set up a virtual network to allow employees to access the NAS shared drive from remote locations. We have been using Quickconnect fine, but the lack of ability to edit files on the go and the hassle of constantly logging in, downloading and then uploading is not an efficient use of time. Therefore, I want to achieve a folder within windows explorer that basically provides a constant link to the NAS when working away from the office (I have set up a network folder whilst in the office already so access on site is not an issue).

Following the instruction provided by Synology I have been able to have limited success. I seem to be able to access the folder by connecting via NetDrive3 when I am in the office and this then works on other networks if I do not disconnect. However, as soon as the next day I try to connect to the server in NetDrive3 (when working from my home) I receive the error “Connection Failed - Please check the connection information”.

As far as I can see the following key settings are in place:

DiskStation WebDav Server - Enable HTTP - HTTP Port: 5050

DiskStation WebDav Server - Enable HTTPS - HTTPS Port: 5051

DiskStation Control Panel - Router Configuration - WebDav Server - Local Port: 5050: - Router Port: 5050

DiskStation Control Panel - Router Configuration - WebDav Server - Local Port 5051: - Router Port: 5051

DiskStation Control Panel - DSM Settings - DSM Ports - HTTP: 5000

DiskStation Control Panel - DSM Settings - DSM Ports - HTTPS: 5001

I have tried adding port forwarding in my router settings - BT Business Hub. These ports have all been forwarded using the IP address of the NAS that I get from the below which both match:

DiskStation Control Panel – Network Interface – LAN – IP Address

Router settings IP Address direct from router


5000 forwarded to 5000

5001 forwarded to 5001

5005 forwarded to 5005

5006 forwarded to 5006

5050 forwarded to 5050

5051 forwarded to 5051

When connecting to the server via NetDrive3 I try all the following combinations both as HTTP and HTTPS:

IP Address:5000

IP Address:5001

IP Address:5005

IP Address:5006

IP Address:5050 (Works when in the office)

IP Address:5051 (Works when in the office)

However, I always receive “Connection Failed - Please check the connection information” when accessing all of these outside of the office.

I am assuming that there is something simple I have either done wrong or haven’t enabled etc which is causing this issue, but does anyone have any ideas of what I am doing wrong please? I will be forever grateful for your help!!! If there is critical info I have missed out then please let me know and I am happy to provide more.

Thanks for your help

It’s better not to use HTTP protocol from outside of your office. It delivers your id and password in clean text.

Did you use local IP address (e.g 192.168.x.x) of Synology NAS when you configure your NetDrive drive item?

Hi there,

Thank you for the quick reply. I am indeed trying to use a 192.168.x. ip address! Is this where I am going wrong as this would only work on site?

Should I be using a DDNS address? Do I need to set this up via the Synology NAS first?

Thanks again for looking into this.