Growing files, size not updating


We are using NetDrive to mount a WebDAV volume (read-only). It is working well with static files, but we’re having some issues with growing files.

Some of our files are growing files (growing on the server, append-only). It seems that if a client using netdrive has an open file handle, it’s size will not update. Looking in windows explorer, the file is growing. Once all file handles to a file are closed, the file size updates correctly again.

To explain on a more technical level, none of the file-level functions to get file size (GetFileSize*, GetFileAttributes*, fseek/ftell, stat/_stat*) return the updated size while there’s an open file handle. The only function that returns the updated size is on the directory level (FindFirstFileW). Our clients use applications (e.g Premiere Pro) that depend on the file size changes to be reflected on the file level functions. This is also how SMB/CIFS volumes behaves in windows.

Could you help us resolve this issue?

Edit: Do I need to create a new post now that this has been locked? I was really hoping to get some help here.

Thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns about using NetDrive with growing files on a WebDAV volume.

Your detailed technical explanation is very helpful. It allows us to grasp the specific nature of the problem more accurately. Our team will investigate this issue further. We aim to understand the root cause and explore possible solutions. If it’s feasible, we will certainly consider updating NetDrive to better support the dynamic nature of growing files. This update would aim to ensure that file size changes are reflected accurately.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress and any potential solutions we identify.

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