Graphics engine switch permanent to the Nvidia


I am using NetDrive 3 on my mac bookpro 2011 with High Sierra. Now I see the problem, that the graphic card is switched to the Nvidia card permanently because of the ndagent process.

What can I do, that the system is switching to the intel card? All because of a better battery time :-).

Thank you in advance!


On Macs we found an issue with NetDrive Finder Extension which uses more CPUs than expected. We are looking into the issue now.

But you experienced issue with ndagent? How did you found that the ndagent causes the switching of Graphics engine? Did you used Activity Monitor?

Thanks for your feedback.

I noticed that because the gfx state tool ( does not swiched over to the Intel card. If I try to do this manulaly, then there comes a message: Because of ndagent…

Thanks for letting me know about First feedback from our engineers is that the switching may be caused by Qt library we are using. We will check it further and get back to you if we found something.


Please try following beta version which is changed not to require high performance graphics engine.

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