Google Team Drive not reading real space available

NetDrive version: 3
Windows/Mac Version: Win 10

Hi, Net Drive is not letting me transfer files to my google team drive folder. It’s reading the limited space available on my google drive and not not the space available on my team drive.

So, even though my google drive is limited to 15Gb, my team drive account is 10tb yet I can’t transfer a 20gb folder because it won’t read the space of my teamdrive account.

Does that make sense? Any help greatly appreciated.


I understand what’s your problem and I’ll try to make get team drive’s quota. And I’ll let you know when it’s ready.


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This hasn’t been fixed has it?
I can’t purchase or us netdrive until it has.

I’ve tried to retrieve teamdrive quota but google api does not show it to NetDrive.

So, we can not support it.

Sorry about that.

Has this changed perhaps? Because RClone does successfully support this.

As an alternative is there any way to perhaps manually set the quota of a drive within the configuration? This way we know what the quota actually is, and can manage it accordingly.

Thank You

Latest NetDrive3 has changed for Google team drive quota.

You should check this option for that.


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