Google photos with netdrive3

Hello, how do I use netdrive3 with google photos? google drive does not include google photos anymore, they have separated it recently. Any help is appreciated. Thank you


Thank you for using NetDrive.

The released version doesn’t support Google Photo yet.

But we are preparing Google Photo in the next version.

You can try the pre-beta version of the next version.

If you want, download and install from a url below.


Do you know when the next version of Netdrive will release?

NetDrive 3.15.580 beta can be downloaded from our download page too.

We are going to release it to 3.16 soon if there is no issue.


Okay any estimates when netdrive 3.16 ETA?

You can download 3.6 beta now and it will be changed to a release version if there is no issue within two weeks.

Sorry for the confusion.

Ohhh I see thank you…was wondering about that lol

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