Google files not accessible after sync

Hi. Is there a limitation when it comes to syncing from one Google Drive account to another when it comes to Google’s only files, such as Sheets, Docs, etc? I am finding that the file that appears in the target account is inaccessible, named something like ‘File name.Google Sheets.webloc’. Is anybody able to help me with this? I’m sure someone else must have encountered something like this, but I cannot seem to find anything in the forum covering it.

Dear robin-wyatt,

Thank you for using CloudSync.

When you sync Google Docs to another account, it will be synced as a url file. This is because Google Docs is attributed to the account. For example, if you sync a google docs file named “test” to another account, it will be synced to the file “test.Google Docs.url”(windows).
On Mac, it is created in the “test.Google Docs.weblock” format.

Download the file, log in with the account that has ownership of the file, open the file and you should see the google docs file normally.


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