Google drive received the error

[2018/01/13 17:44:27.854] [MESSAGE ] [ 3076] [PROTOCOL ] GoogleDrive::Read >> HTTPS GET >> 403 : googleapis./drive/v3/files/0B_uBaQHxrlr2ejVlUlVWTHI1WVk(0) - 294ms
[2018/01/13 17:44:27.854] [MESSAGE ] [ 3076] [PROTOCOL ] GoogleDrive::Read >> 5 time(s) backoff left

Is it mean i have used up daily bandwidth ? because i’m trying to backup google drive to another cloud…

if so how many bandwidth i can use per day ?

It’s not about band width problem. It’s about google api call limits per user.

You should use your private google api key to avoid.

Please follow this article and choose CloudSync not NetDrive3. Then you will be avoid api call limits.