Google Drive API errors when scanning drive

NetDrive version: 3.6.527
Windows/Mac Version: Win10 Pro

I have a Netdrive3 running on a Gsuite google drive. When I scan in the drive in Plex to add libraries I get almost immediate google drive API errors. The scan starts off fast but slows down to a crawl after a few minutes. Right now it’s scanning in one movie every 2 minutes; it started at 12 movies a minute.

I was hoping to use this as an alternative to google filestream, but so far the errors make it usable.Thanks.

EDIT After digging around the forum I realize that I have to add in my API credentials. I created new ones added them to my account. Then I removed my google drive mount and recreated it. Started the scan over again and…same thing. Very slow. One movie every 3 minutes. Tons of 403 errors on the netdrive credentials on google’s api console. :frowning:

We are sorry about that but that is google api’s limitation and NetDrive follows google api guide line.

I understand it’s not fast enough for media server like plex.

We are almost done with another algorithm to improve file listing and detect changes. And will released with beta version when it’s ready. I hope it can help NetDrive users like you.


That’s strange because I thought other users were using it with Plex successfully.

Does it make a difference if I use my own credentials or not?

Does adding more credentials help as in allowing more API calls?

Even if you are using your API credential, there is limit on api calls. You can find it on your google api admin page.

Yes there is a difference. If you are using NetDrive api credential, a lot of NetDrive users share our API call quota. That may cause more delays on api calls than use your own api credential.

No it doesn’t help. NetDrive uses one api credential per one drive.