Google Cloud Storage: All files syncing as application/octet-stream


I’ve just started trialling use of NetDrive3 for connection to a Google Cloud Storage bucket. It’s mostly working perfectly, but all files are being uploaded with a MIME type of application/octet-stream.

So far I’ve only synced some web assets (.gif, .jpg and .html, specifically), but all have registered in the bucket similarly, which is not ideal.

Is this a recognised issue or have I done something wrong in setting up the GCS connection?


I will give you a url you can download a fixed version of the mime type issue for GCS after fixing it.

I will take one or a couple of days.

Please wait.



Could you try with below url version?

If you are happy with above, it will be included next release.


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Brilliant! Thank you, jyyoon, that does appear to have fixed the problem immediately.

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