FTP wrong timestamps, SFTP ok

I run VSFTPD on my linux server and connect to that with Netdrive. With SFTP everything is fine, but with FTP the timestamps are what ever. I can’t even understand the pattern how the timestamps are off, usually the minutes are ok but hours and dates can be off by a month. It doesn’t matter if I’m using FTP or SFTP while saving, when ‘getting the directory’ the timestamps are always wrong with FTP connection and always right with SFTP.

PLEASE NOTE! When using a normal FTP client (FileZilla in my case), the timestamps are correct with BOTH connectiontypes (SFTP/FTP) so as I see it, the problem can’t be on my server. I’ve used Netdrive maybe for 6 months now and it’s been the same since day 1, newer versions haven’t helped. I’m using Win7 and Win10 on the computers I use with Netdrive, it’s the same on both.

I don’t want to use only SFTP as it’s much slower on my secure home network than FTP.

Dear porakone,

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The problem of FTP incorrect time was fixed in the next version. We will release NetDrive 3.9 Beta soon.


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We released NetDrive 3.9 beta. Please update.

Thanks for using NetDrive.