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Hello, i decided to try out Dropbox with Netdrive 3.

The issue i am having is, once i am connected to the Dropbox account with Netdrive, it no longer does folder or file refreshes for new items. I have tested this with several methods to have it update and show new files and folder in the windows explorer. The only way i have found to make the newly uploaded files appear is to disconnect the drive and reconnect it.

I have tried the option in settings to “Always retrieve file list from server” but it does not seem to work.

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So, i think i have figured out the issue. I am using 2 computers both with Netdrive 3 and Dropbox connected.

When i created a folder on computer 1 in Dropbox through Netdrive. It would create it with no issues. On the 2nd computer though when viewing it will show the folder created along side with a New Folder. If you delete the “New Folder” that was created, it will stop refreshing the original folder you had created.


Computer 1
Netdrive 3 - Dropbox - Right click create new folder > name it “Backup”

Computer 2
Netdrive 3 - Dropbox
If you look at the directory now for Dropbox you will see 2 folders, Backup and New folder. If you delete the new folder from here. the “Backup” folder will no longer be refreshed for files and folders when new files are added on computer 1.

If you just drag and drop the whole folder from the local drive to dropbox everything works fine.

Hope that made since.

We found a problem in your situation and fixed in internal test release.

We’ll release in public when it’s ready.


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