Files not uploading

Hi there,

I just subscribed to NetDrive, and synced my Synology with NetDrive. However, whenever I try to copy via Finder, it won’t show in the Uploading log in NetDrive. It takes forever and I’m not sure what’s the problem. Here attached are some photos.

Please let me know, appreciate your help.

I should also say, maybe it was because there were so many files in the second picture, but it froze completely.

Dear Joshua.irwandi,

The issue you are experiencing is due to the “Use background uploading” option being enabled. This setting initially stages the files in a cache before uploading them to the remote location.

If you prefer to copy files without using the cache, you may enable the “Use on-the-fly uploading in Explorer” option. However, please note that this method might be slower compared to background uploading.

Best regards