File status with overlay icon for representation

Hi I just tried NetDrive and so far its far better than the other similar products.

Do you guys have any plan to implement file status overlay icon like Dropbox or OneDrive?
It would be useful to be able to see if the files or folder is still on cloud, offline, syncing, or already synced.

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I just saw NetDrive have file status icon as feature on your website.
But I don’t see it on my windows 11 laptop.

Dear muhammadfredo,

Thank you for your interest in NetDrive.

When uploading a file, it should look like this Why not try uploading a large file? Smaller files may not show up because the upload completes quickly.



I have a similar question on MacOS–I can’t tell if a file is cached locally or in the cloud. I also don’t see anything in the contextual menu about sharing links or keeping a local copy of the file.

Does this depend on whether the drive is mounted as a local or network drive?

I discovered the NetDrive Finder extension was off. Turning that on enabled some context menu items but not a sharing link.

OK–I’m able to grab the Dropbox link from the Browse window, but I can’t get it from the Finder. That’s much less convenient.

Hi Tsjeong,

Yea I just test them before you replied, funny thing is I also test using “The Flash” haha
This is great, but it would help more if we have representation for Online files and Offline files as well

Dear muhammadfredo,

Wow, we’re testing with the same file. haha
Thanks for the feedback that it would be more helpful to have a representation for online and offline files. We’ll discuss it.


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