File lock behaviour with larger PDF documents

I’m noticing an issue with opening PDFs in a PDF document management app called BlueBeam.

NetDrive3 (v3.8.921) is installed on a file server, then the locally mounted drive on the server is shared out via SMB sharing.

When opening a larger PDF (via a mapped network drive to the share on another PC), sometimes BlueBeam throws a warning that the file is in use and prompts if I want to open it read-only. When I use the Computer Management MMC console to monitor open file locks on the file server where NetDrive is installed, the file handle is showing with status “Read”, not “Read/Write”. Also, no other connections have been established to the file, so there shouldn’t be a file lock anyways.

Luckily, BlueBeam has a retry button on the warning popup, so I’ve discovered that if I click on “Retry” a couple of times then the file will open and NOT be read-only. So, there seems to be a delay somewhere with respect to the unlocking of the file handle. The issue seems to be specific to BlueBeam, but I haven’t tested with Office apps yet.

Are PDFs included in the “Office Docs” file locking feature that was added to NetDrive in the latest build?

Why might there be a delay in the file handle status?

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