Failed to upload with DropBox

I have NetDrive 3 installed and assigned the driveletters Y and Z to my private and bussiness Dropbox.

I can open any Excel or Word file directly from both my DropBoxes in my Explorer without any problem but as soon as I try to open any Excel or Word file from my Y or Z drive I get an error message. When I just save the edited file everything seem te go fine, but as soon as I close the file I get the same message.

This problem only occurs with Excel and Word files. Other files like PDF files and Access database there seem to be no problems. Other Office files I don’t use.

I have already reinstalled both DropBox and Netdrive but nothing seems to solve my problem.

Anybody familiar with this issue?? Please help, this is getting boring.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.


Hello Job.

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Unfortunately, NetDrive doesn’t support Dropbox Business at present.


Hello iyyoon,

that’s curious. With both of the recent versions 3.8.915 and 3.8.921 I do have the problem. I uninstalled the latest version and then installed an older one, 3.7.687 and then I have no problem at all.

So obviously the older version does support DropBox for bussiness, or there is something else going on.

Regards, Job

Hello iyyoon,

Unfortunately I got no respons, but I am still curious to know why the older version works fine and the newer ones cause me troubles.

Did you downgrade the features of Netdrive or is it some bug in the software?

Regards, Job


I will feedback to you after researching.