Encryption for Mounted Drive

When will encryption for Amazon Drive be available? This is for HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act .

Encrypt all the data sent to the cloud in order to enhance the security of storing sensitive data

We have plan on encryption support.

It will support all storage types.

Thanks for your feedback.

What is the timeline?

We are researching several alternatives now but no specific timeline planned.

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Any updates on timeline? TY

Still waiting on a response for this. Cloudberry is about to introduce. I would like you to be the first, so we can meet HIPAA requirements. I like your products performance and want to see it succeed. Please update me.

I would really appreciate an update. Thanks. :blush:

Please answer this question.

We are considering to adopt 3rd party solutions like Cryptomator.

Excellent. What quarter next year might we expect it? :star_struck:

Any updates?

I’m afraid I cannot confirm the schedule. :sweat_smile:


It has been 5 months and still no word on encryption for Amazon Drive. May I please have an update?

Thank you.

Just wondering if there will be an update at some point that will allow us to encrypt files and folders on Google Drive through the NetDrive software.

HIPAA requires data to be encrypted. AES 256-bit is sufficient (end to end). You can see it here:

You also need to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the end user, i.e., me.

Why crickets? Will you please respond?

I too would like a update on this,
should we take crickets as this feature being no longer planed.

I gave up. The idea is good but if you run the application you’ll notice due to memory leaks. Maybe sometime in the future, but this is not the product for me. I wasted money on five copies that I no longer use. Maybe they’ll refund my money ha ha