Ed25519 OpenSSH Key Support

Please add support for Ed25519 keys. This standard was introduced to OpenSSH with version 6.5 released on Jan 30, 2014.

Even a year ago it was being touted as the most recommended public-key algorithm available as noted in the Medium article from January of 2018 entitled “Upgrade Your SSH Key to Ed25519”. (Sorry I can’t link to it from this forum.)

I currently need to downgrade the security procedures on logins with which I wish to use NetDrive.

Given its level of optimization, I expect ed25519 will even give NetDrive a speed boost.


When the NetDrive that supports ed25519 is ready, I will let you know the link for confirmation.



Could you try with the following url’s version?



If you can connect via ed25519, let me know that.

I will include it in next released version.


Sorry, I was away. I’ll test that version and reply here with the results.

Thanks for the very quick turn around!!

Hmmm It did not work for me with version 3.7.686 (after the reinstall and reboot). I even loaded the working putty .ppk and exported the OpenSSH key with no success.

Any thoughts?


Sorry about that.

We will give to you soon the version that supports ed25519.

It may be in this week.


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we are struggling to support ed25519 but failed yet.

We think it is hard to support in a short term.

I’m so sorry about that.


Thank you for the update. Keep at it. This will only become more vital as time goes on. I’ve got a workaround for now and and am using an IP whitelist for that port, so I’m satisfied that there’s no security issue.

BTW this is implemented in Putty, which is opensource. So you may find that code helpful…
https:// the.earth.li/ ~sgtatham/putty/latest/putty-0.70.tar.gz