DropBox connectivity - Sync from root folder

When I try to select my dropbox account I get a small triangle and can’t proceed.

Only one folder at a time? That can’t be right…

I would like to be able to just select my whole DropBox “account” or at the VERY VERY least be able to pick and choose multiple folders please?

Is this possible?

Sorry but I don’t get where the problem happens. Could you please screen capture where you get the small triangle?

And what do you mean by ‘only one folder at a time’? Did you try to select multiple folders on Windows Explorer or macOS Finder?

Screenshot attached. I wish to backup my WHOLE DropBox not just one folder.

Could you kindly tell me how to do that within the cloud sync app please?

Thank you.



This category is for NetDrive. I’m moving your topic to CloudSync category.

I am very sorry for the trouble…

Will someone be able to reply to me from there? Should I repost the question?

No problem. I moved this topic already.

We are looking into the issue now. Thanks for your feedback.

The yellow triangle is shown when you select top most item from the folder browsing window.

It is confirmed from dev team that you cannot select root folder from the folder browsing windows. CloudSync supports only sync between subfolders.

Sorry for the inconvenience it caused. We will add a feature request of syncing from root folder.

Thank you kindly…

OK…but can you tell me please how to select multiple folders?

My Dropbox (as with most people, I assume) has many, many folders.

There aren’t any little check marks or anything? I can’t figure it out.

Of, course, setting up 20+ different profiles for 20+ different folders isn’t much of a solution.

Thank you very much…otherwise your product is super awesome.

Is there a quick way I could get some tech support on this product. My simple question remains unanswered.


You need to put those folders under one parent folder to sync with current version of CloudSync.

We will discuss about multiple selection for selecting source folders.

I can’t be shuffling my client’s Dropbox folders. If you guys would kindly just add a “sync everything” option or at the very least have the ability to select multiple folders. That just makes sense, in my opinion.

Thank you