Dropbox Business

I have NetDrive Version 3.7.687 for Windows installed and although not supported it works with DropBox Business. Only every now and then it fails and then I reinstall Netdrive to make it work again.

Are there any plans to support Dropbox Business in one of the coming releases of Netdrive? As I see OneDrive for Business is supported but I don’t like OneDrive

Awaiting your reply, regards,

Job ten Doeschate

Sure. We will support Dropbox Business in following versions. I’m not sure about the schedule but it’s definitely on top of our list.

Thanks for using NetDrive.

I have a similar request. Dropbox for business seems to work by adding a “normal” dropbox accoutn to netrdrive, but I can only access my personal folder in the dropbox for business account…i.e. all the files and folders in the actual shares company directory are not visible - which is obviosuly were all our files are! thanks for adding this soon

Thank you for the suggestion.