Drive unavailable on write, crashes windows explorer, reconnect 'Drive in use'

NetDrive version: 3.7.687
Windows/Mac Version: Server 2016

I primarily use my DropBox & OneDrive on this server for reading & write the files to dropbox & onedrive via the web interfaces on other computers. I wanted to test the ability to write and the results were not good. First the write failed with ‘Destination not available’, then explorer crashed. Netdrive showed both drives as disconnected but Exoloreer showed them connected, but not responding. Restarted services. Onedrive showed connected in explorer, not connected in NetDrive and attempts to connect it reports ‘;Drive in Use’. Files on it appear to be readable however through explorer. Dropbox showed connected in Explorer but unabailable, not connected in NetDrive. Connected in Netdrive, appears available again in Explorer but not responding to (19.3 MB)

Thanks for your feedback and log file.