Drive Taking A While to Connect

I just tried Disconnecting and Reconnecting a drive and it takes a long time before the connect finishes. After reviewing the VERBOSE log files, I noticed that it fails to reconnect multiple times before it successfully connects.

Here’s an example of one of the errors:
[2020/04/03 14:31:37.122] [DEBUG ] [ 48900] [PROTOCOL ] Box::GetChanges >> ON HTTP RANGE 200(200) : AERROR::RETRY(0x00000002)
[2020/04/03 14:31:37.376] [MESSAGE ] [ 48900] [PROTOCOL ] Box::GetChanges >> HTTPS GET >> 200 : - 249ms

If you require the full log and there’s a secure way for me to upload it, let me know.


Could you attach full log files to figure out what happened?


I’m sending you a direct message with the full log information. Thank you.

I got the message and replied.


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