[DONE] Add a team member on trial version

Hi All,

I’m new to NetDrive.
I want to try this solution before spreading it on our company.

I’ve opened a Trial version of NetDrive 3 Team. I m Admin of the Team as a consequence.

Now i want to add a test user.
1- I’ve added and verified our domain.
2- I’ve create online an account of a user
3- This user didn’t appear in my team. And when i’ve logged with this user, it says i have no plans and need a licence. I’ve chosen a trial team also to activate a plan but then i became on this new user admin again of a new plan.

My question is how to add a user to a team trial plan to be able to run a full Admin/User test

Thanks a lot


Automatic registration of team member based on domain does not work for trial period. We didn’t mention it on our accounts web sites. Sorry for the confusion.

I’ve added users with your domain address to your team. You can add another member on ‘Team Members’ page.

We will make change to support automatic registration also on trial teams.

Thanks for your feedback.