Does CloudSync - Compare then sync?

i seem to be getting duplicates in the cloud. i have it setup to sync from my local hard drive to google drive. i had to delete and re-install cloudsync and when i setup the sync again, it reupload everything from my local drive to the cloud, i’m seeing duplicate files in g drive now. Does it have an option to compare and then sync?

Dear torrent329,

Thank you for using CloudSync.

In CloudSync, there is no selectable option for comparing files and then syncing. However, CloudSync already compare files base on the history DB and then synchronizes them.

For example, CloudSync saves information about files synced to the history DB when uploading files to google drive. So in the next sink, CloudSync decides whether to upload files based on the history DB.

If you delete the CloudSync, the history DB will be erased and all files will be uploaded again when you sync.

I hope it will answer your question.