Difference between Text Editors used when mounting SFTP drive

I’ve noticed a difference in the update / upload behavior in NetDrive 3.

when I mount a Debian SFTP as Drive and edit a PHP file with these editors.

  • SublimeText
  • EmEditor
  • VSCode
  • UltraEdit

Netdrive only uploads the edited PHP file instantly to my server when I use EmEditor, SublimeText.or UltraEdit
but NOT VScode… the changes made by VSCode are somehow ( undetected ) and not applied.

Sorry for the inconvienence.

We reproduced the problem at office, and we are working on it.

Util now, we’ve analysed that VSCode use different filesystem usage pattern and NetDrive couldn’t handle it appropriately.
(We are working on it, but it may take some time…)

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Yep, it’s using Electron / NodeJS / JavaScript instead of traditional C++.
Good to read that you are working on a solution.

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I see this message but no date. Is this an old posting or new? I will buy a license but need exactly this function
OK in the moment I see it means 23 days

Sorry I’m new here. Is this the support forum?
I need this function for professional. Can you give me a timewindow to fix it.

Sorry for the late response and the inconvenience it may caused.

Because this problem is caused by third party module, we should make a work-around solution.
We think that we could make the solution by next week, and after that we could give you fixed version release plan.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Any updates on this issue, it still don’t work ?!

We are fixed this issue and will be included next version.