Design Overlook #2

The GUI is really unusable in professional enviroment. Please make a professional clean and lean design to choose.

Can you describe more about professional environment? What does it mean?

Hello YSH,

thank you for you answer.

We use NetDrive as a tool to access over 18 different DAV drives (different locations and customers). The “old” Version 2 was much cleaner, with smaller typos, icons, buttons aso and with a very light color scheme (mainly white background, one icon and a Connect Button).

The new GUI looks super colorful with everything written on a colored background. The typo is very big. It look a little like an candy shop or like a toy for kids.

It would be nice if there was an option to have it a small font version with a two line setup for each drive

FTP I: ftp://199494949 config log Connect

Google Drive D: config log Connect

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Can you describe more about professional environment? What does it mean?

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Thanks for your explanation. NetDrive is used by many users and most of the user has no more than 4 or 5 drive items. When you tell me ‘professional environment’ I assumed that you must be using far more than that and I was right. :slight_smile:

We will talk about your suggestion but I cannot confirm any timelines.

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