Data lost after Reboot

NetDrive version: latest
Windows/Mac Version: latest

Hi ho,

i was uploading Files to my Gdrive Account via NetDrive 3, in the middle of the upload i had to Restart my PC for some other Reason. I disconnected my Gdrive Account to Stop the Uploads and rebooted my PC, after i rebooted my PC the Upload Queue was Empty and all the Files that where previously inqueue where deleted from my PC.

To upload my Files to Gdrive i Cut (Strg + X) my Files and Pasted them into my Gdrive-Letter assigned by NetDrive. I scanned all my Drives for the Files but i couldnt find them Anymore, is there a way to restore them? Are they lost forever?

What is the recommended way to Pause downloads? I cant find a Button? Or is there no way to Pause Uploads to Gdrive?

Ty in advanced

Unfortunately, if you are using background upload option, files are lost.

Currently, NetDrive does not support pause and resume upload. Because it consumes disk drive and NetDrive does not know when it will upload and when to clear files.

To prevent this situation, use Windows explorer and on-the-fly option in NetDrive. It will upload files synchronously.