Creating a connection to Office 365 Sharepoint Online

NetDrive version: NetDrive3
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10


I am testing NetDrive3 and I want to create a network drive to a SharePoint Site.

I am trying to use the WebDav storage type but I am unable to create that connection because I always get a error message “Connection failed. Please check credencials again”.

What i am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello customer.

Thank you for interesting in NetDrive.

Unfortunately, NetDrive doesn’t support Sharepoing online on Office 365.

For you information, the option in webdav protocol is for on-premise sharepoint server.



Will you support it soon?

Hello DavidK.

I tried to support Sharepoint online on Office 365.

Unfortunately it was not proper for NetDrive.

Sorry about that.