Crash when interacting with VPN/Killswitch

Trying the program out and would prefer to select it over a competitor. However, I use a VPN with a killswitch on my main computer. When the connection state changes, the NetDrive program and service both crash. When the application is restarted, a popup lets me know the services crashed too.

In terms of what I experience, it looks like the services cause Explorer to crash (though it instantly restarts). The other product I’m considering handles transitions in connection state in this context seamlessly. Is it an easy fix or intrinsic to some aspect of the service design that can’t handle the associated internet connection dropout during VPN disconnection?


Thank you for using NetDrive.

I have not recognized about the issue.

I will try to reproduce your issue and fix it.

Could you record the issue in a video file?


I don’t think video would catch anything other than the restart of explorer. I can set logging to verbose and PM the files (would prefer not to make them public)?

From what I’ve seen, Netdrive can handle disconnecting from the VPN and having the killswitch block network traffic. However when a connection is established/reestablished Netdrive.exe and Netdrive services crash and explorer.exe restarts. Judging by this, it could be this feature of the VPN as well:

Potentially you can duplicate on a test PC/free account with the VPN?

Confirmed actually. I just disabled that TCP Socket Termination feature and the problem didn’t happen.

Is adaptability to the socket being terminated something that can be fixed in the program quickly? If so, I’d love to buy.


I tested the issue with the windscribe.

The issue was reproduced on my pc.

The zeromq library is used to communicate between components of NetDrive.

However, when vpn was turned on, it was found to be crashed inside the zeromq library.

This is a issue due to closing all sockets used by zeromq.

Fixing this issue will not be over in a short time.

It seems like you have to turn off the option below in Windscribe and use it.


Stay healty.


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