Copying data from a local drive to a mapped drive Gsuite is super slow

I am trying to copy data from a local drive(D:) to a NetDrive mapped Gsuite Drive.
The copying speed is about 100KB-300KB/s and sometimes it freezes while copying.

I tried to change some settings on my windows computer such as the followings:

  1. IPv6 settings (offload stuff all disabled)
  2. SNP setting (disabled)

My network speed is fairly fast.
It’s 50Mbit/s-100Mbit/s so I think there is something to do with the NetDrive software or my network settings.

Could someone help me please?
Thank you.

How large your files? Is it slow if you copy large(more than 500MB) files too?

Thanks for your reply, Alex.

The answer is yes.
The speed gets slightly faster but is still slow, such as 1-2MB/s-ish.

Is it normal?

Windows explorer copy files in this order on every file.

  1. Check target file exist
  2. Check source file
  3. Open source file
  4. Create target file
  5. Expand target file to source file size
  6. Read source file from google drive then write to target file
  7. Change file time of target file
  8. Close source file
  9. Close target file

All file copy must follow this order serially and step 6 always takes time(at least response time from google drive).

It makes you feel fast when faster response for small file but faster transfer speed for large file.

So I can say it is normal on windows explorer for copying small files.

If you want to copy lot of small files, you should try CloudSync. CloudSync copy files in parallel.

Okay, I get what you mean.
Now I gained a basic understanding of NetDrive’s behavior.
If I copy files to NetDrive mounted drive, it pastes files locally and updates files online almost at the same time.
So the speed of the pastes cannot exceeds the updating speed.

I will try CloudSync then.
I have some questions about CloudSync’s syncing behaviors too.
I am going to post another post about it in CloudSync category.

Thank you so much, Alex.

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