Connection issues with Synology NAS

NetDrive version: 3.7.687
Windows/Mac Version: 10 Pro - multiple

Failure to connect to config that has worked in the past.

Installed on net computer. Registered specific device and tested. Not once has it connected on new computer - but at times it connects on the old computer - and can then disconnect.

I have included the logs from verbose. Any assistance would be great - as this is for a client where we are either thinking of changing the license number to more - or changing solution.

I have tried switching the port over - but that shouldn’t really change the connection ability. (30.8 KB)

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I’ve reviewed the log files you attached.

I found timeout errors while connecting.

Could you check your server url setting or environment?


sorry… this response was not helpful at all. it was the exact same settings.

Could you refer to the following topic?