Connecting to disks on Synology NAS (desktop.ini)

Hello, I have a specific question of a technical nature.
Before I purchased the NetDrive3 product, I used to connect Synology NAS drives to my PC *.bat command, (I copied part of it):

net use M: \\music /user:xxx ppp /persistent:no

net use W: \\work /user:xxx ppp /persistent:no

net use V: \\video /user:xxx ppp /persistent:no

(where “xxx” is the NAS login and “ppp” is the password)

After this connection via *.bat, my disks are displayed correctly in Windows and are functional, they also show the current status of the disk (its size and how much space is left), as well as all the icons associated with the working files are displayed correctly (which is very practical for me in terms of visuals and quick tracking. Each folder on the NAS contains for example desktop.ini + folderico-xHqoiS.ico , where there is a command in the *.ini file:



This ensures that the icons in the window are displayed correctly for the folders.

And now the problem. When I use NetDrive3 ( as FTP) to connect to my NAS, the drive is correctly connected under the associated name and drive letter. However, the size of the disk/space remaining is not visible and the directory icons are not displayed as described above when using the *.bat command.

Why is this and how can I get everything to display correctly, like the drive?

Both, my PC and my Synology NAS is in local network (in my home)
(If you need any further information on this problem, ask me - I will try to answer it as quickly as possible, in my own interest)

Thank you very much and have a nice day

FTP protocol does not support quota / free size queries. So it is not possible to show how many spaces left on the remote storage. For the icons, I will check and get back to you.

Thanks for using NetDrive and have a good day.

@remark3dcz, Please install following version and check if folder icon works. This version includes new features currently not supported on the release version. This feature will be provided as an option for Windows users.

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