Connecting to BackBlaze and filling in forms

BackBlaze uses the terms “Bucket ID”, “KeyID:” “Master Application Key” and “Application Keys”. Your system uses “Account ID” and “Application Key”.

How do your wordings map to BackBlaze, and could you perhaps change your wording to match those usedcby BackBlaze, please?

I’m confused.


Please use keyID as Account ID.

Next version will be changed to use ‘keyID’ and ‘applicationKey’ to match BackBlaze B2’s wording.

Thanks for your feedback.

BackBlaze has several “KeyID” fields. There’s the Master Application Key, and then each Bucket has a keyID field as well. I’ve not yet managed to get any combination to work, I’m afraid.


To access all buckets, you can simply generate a new application key and utilize its keyID and applicationKey. When creating the application key, make sure to grant access to all buckets.

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