Configuring NetDrive to simulate a Mapped LAN Drive (Home to Office PC folder)

I downloaded NetDrive to evaluate it. I Installed it at my office and then at my home.
I’m using Windows 10 Pro on both computers.
I want to access 2 folders at my office computer as LAN Mapped Drives. Something like this:
From my home, I would like to access them from Windows Explorer and an App that reads and writes files from UNC addresses (like any other LAN).
For example I would like to read from home, a file in my office like this.
And I would like to write a file at my office from home like this.

I do not find any instructions to accomplish this. In fact, I do not know if NetDrive can work this way: simulating a very simple LAN with mapped drives (Perhaps using drive letters?)

Hello customer.

Thank you for interest in NetDrive.

You can access \\OFFICE_PC\Folder1 from you home via VPN.

You must set a VPN to accomplish that.

If you have a webdav or a ftp server in your office pc, you can access a folder of the office pc from your home as a local drive via NetDrive.


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