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I am using a .bat script to basically have netdrive scan my folders when updates have been made. The issue is it no longer scans the sub directories in the script. I have been told by @support1

“The refresh command applies to only specified folder.
You need to add subdirectories to your script.”

This is something i just cannot do, as the folder i have has about 4 thousand sub directories in it and more are always being added. Older versions of Netdrive 3 used to refresh all the directories in the main directory. Is there a option that can be added to the command to have to scan all sub directories in the main directory?

I honestly do not see why the program would stop scanning directories inside the main directory that was being refreshed.

Just to add. I am using Netdrive 3 with Google Team Drives.
Netdrive 3 version 3.8.975
Always retrieve file list from server is checked.

Dear WarlordScott,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Would you like to type this sentence in your bat file?
This will refresh the subdirectories from “F:”.

FOR /R F:\ %%i in (.) do nd3cmd refreshpath “%%i”

Please edit this sentence (“F:”) to your path.


Thanks for the reply @tsjeong

I am wondering if this has something to do with the changes being made on Netdrive with another PC. The PC i am using that is not picking up the changes is still not working 100%, there was some improvement though with the script you mentioned.

What appears to be happening is during the initial scan of a file/folder being added the script picks it up correctly. If you happen to change the file though and even use a different file name. The script is not actually refreshing the folder. I have to manually go in windows explorer right click and choose refresh netdrive from there. Both files were already uploaded to Google Drive so it is not an upload issue.

I notice too when using this script it gives odd characters but doesn’t appear to give an error in the script

FOR /R G:\ %%i in (.) do nd3cmd refreshpath “%%i”
ΓÇ£G:\Plex (Movies)\Movies (Recent)\Impractical Jokers The Movie (2020).ΓÇ¥

Dear WarlordScott,

That’s weird. It works fine on my computer. What is the original file name about “ΓÇ£G:\Plex (Movies)\Movies (Recent)\Impractical Jokers The Movie (2020).ΓÇ¥”?

Would you like to try the sentence below?

FOR /D /R F:\ %%i in (.) do nd3cmd refreshpath “%%i”



The file name is which is located in G:\Plex (Movies)\Movies (Recent)
Impractical Jokers The Movie (2020) - WEBDL-1080p - AC3 5.1.mkv

The new command did the same effect. Have to still physically refresh using right click in windows explorer.

Here is a test i did with the results

PC:1 - Where the movement of files occur.

As you can see in this image the file is the movie with 5.1 surround.

PC2 - Home PC w/ Plex

In this image the file scans in correctly and the script is working at this point.

PC:1 - I now remove the file and add in another file to substitute it.

In this image you can see the file is the movie has 2.0 sound.

PC2 - after running script

As you can see in this image, after running the script, the file is not updated from PC:1, it is still showing the 5.1 Surround file.
I included a image of the script to show what the script is outputting.

Script contents:

cd /d “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bdrive\NetDrive3”
FOR /D /R G:\ %%i in (.) do nd3cmd refreshpath “%%i”


I think there are garbage string in the command.

Could you try againt without the garbage strings?


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@jyyoon, Thank you for being patient and helping. You are correct, i was doing a direct copy of your script from the quote and for some reason when pasting it into the bat file it was messing up the string.

I manually entered the script you gave and the files now read fine. The script is also working correctly now.

So for anyone else having a issue like this, remember to not copy the script in the bat file but to manually enter it,

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Thank you for feedback.

Stay healty.


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