Command line command to refresh drive

I have been trying to test out the beta of Netdrive 3. Honestly i have been having nothing but issues since 3.7.687 due to changes you guys made with the team drive and how the refresh file system works.

The Team Drive to Shared Drive thing is no big deal and i can get past that.

I see you guys added a context menu to refresh the drive so it shows the folders and files when a refresh is used. The issue i have is, i use Plex and a command line script to scan the Plex library. With the new Netdrive Updates, the script wont pick up new folders and files due to how you guys changed the refresh.

Can i get a command line command that will tell netdrive to refresh the directory listing so i can add it to my Plex script?

Go ahead and disregard. I have found the command to refresh the list in command line. Thank you for adding the feature.

Here is the command i used to be able to refresh the list using a command line.
cd /d “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bdrive\NetDrive3”
nd3cmd.exe refreshpath “G:\Shared drives\Media\TV Shows”

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