Cloudsync not syncing two ways?


I was testing this cloudsync program and I’n wondering if i’m doing something wrong.
If I place a file on sharepoint (online and in my folder on my local drive), the file pops up on the server.
However when I place file in the sync folder on the server it doesnt show on the sharepoint??
Am I doing something wrong or is this intended behaviour.
And how would i achieve something like this?


It is intended behaviour. CloudSync sync files in one-way.

Ok, any idea how I can achieve bidirectional sync? Anyone knows how?

CloudSync is designed to support one-way synchronization, which means it can sync files from one storage location to another, but not vice versa, in a single operation. However, some users might set up two separate sync items to create a makeshift two-way sync. They set up one sync item to copy files from Storage A to Storage B, and another sync item to copy files from Storage B to Storage A.

Now, this setup may seem like it allows for two-way syncing, but it can lead to problems if the same file is modified in both storages before a sync operation occurs. Here’s how:

Imagine you have a document called “report.doc” in both Storage A and Storage B. If you modify “report.doc” in Storage A, and before CloudSync has a chance to sync this change to Storage B, you also modify “report.doc” in Storage B. Now, the versions of “report.doc” in Storage A and Storage B are different.

Let’s say the sync from Storage A to Storage B happens first. The modifications you made to “report.doc” in Storage A will be copied to Storage B, overwriting the changes you made there. Now, both storages have the version of “report.doc” from Storage A.